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   It all started with a love for reading. Throughout the many, many books I have read and my many favorites over the years, fairy tales have always been near the top of the list. I  just love the wonder, adventure, and sometimes, absolute silliness of them!
   Before I started this blog, I opened an Etsy store. A little less than a year into it, I decided to change it from a photography oriented shop to a more nail exclusive shop. When I made the switch, I knew I wanted to change the name so I could have a fresh start. If you know me, you know names and titles are not my forte. I always leave them for last or completely leave them out if I can get away with it. Not to deviate from the norm, I had literally everything ready to go except for my new shop name. I didn't really have any great ideas, but one of the few that weren't completely ridiculous was fairy tale related. Deciding that, with my love for fairy tales, I could hardly refuse such a name, Once Upon A Nail was born. Or reborn, if you like to think of it that way.

   My love for nail art started much later than my love for fairy tales. I dabbled in nail art when I was younger, but I wasn't very good and other things were much more interesting to my middle school self. About three years ago my interest was renewed and I started to paint my nails a little more seriously. It was still on and off due to my activities at the time, but my interest had been kindled. Two years ago I finally had the time to paint full-time. And a love was born....

    In addition to fairy tales and nail art, I have a great love for reading in general, as I mentioned. I'm pretty sure I could be Belle's rival if I could afford it. And if I had the space - my books are already taking over my room and I still want to buy more! Some of my favorite books are antique books. I may not always buy them or read them, but I love to look at them and smell them. A little strange, I know, but I just love that old book smell. I also love it when they have inscriptions in them. I think it's so interesting to see who owned it before you and I like to imagine who they were and what they did. I am currently collecting Andrew Lang's Colored Fairy Books. As you know, fairy tales are a weakness of mine. So are the old turn of the century illustrations that are in the editions of the Colored Fairy Books that I buy. They are so elegant and imaginative. I currently have three of the books - the Blue, Orange, and Yellow Colored Fairy Books. I have my eye on some lovely copies of the Green and Red books...

   I have a Pinterest page that you can check out. I'll warn you ahead of time - it's extremely packed. I also really like vintage and antique clothing, so I have at least 10 boards dedicated to them. It's also probably a little over organized. My brother thinks so, at least. I just like to be able to find everything easily. For example, I have my clothing boards separated by era/style - 1700-1789, 1790-1839, 1840-1869, 1870-1889, etc. You get the point. In addition to my clothing obsession, I also have several boards dedicated to nail art, as well as one that showcases my own.

   Whew! That was long!

   I hope you all enjoy my blog!

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